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Tube Works is located in Houston, TX and specializes in the repair, maintenance and modification of guitar tube amps. We will give your prized amp the special care and attention it deserves. What you can expect from Tube Works is service done right in a reasonable time using quality replacement parts. Our rates are competitive and we will keep you informed of the status of your job. Click More… on any of our services listed on the left side of this page for additional information about what we do.

what customers say about tube works

Thank you for the Deluxe Reverb mod. After tinkering between the inputs and EQ w/ my tele and pedal steel, I’ve got it dialed in and it exceeds my expectations. Now the amp delivers everything a boutique amp would at a fraction of the cost. Thank you for addressing all of my asks perfectly… BTW, my vintage Princeton has never sounded better either – thanks for getting that amp back in fighting shape!

David Cone

I want to let you know that I had a big grin on my face for most of the practice session last night. The vibrolux really sounded like a professional amplifier - what a difference a mod makes! I also want to thank you for your expertise and integrity in installing the Fromel mods. I think it was money well spent and if there is any left in my budget after the Marshall amp is repaired, I plan to have  similar upgrade done to my Deluxe Reverb.

Keith Hollingsworth - Independent Artist

I wanted to thank you for such a quick response and turn-around. You are truly an asset to all working musicians in the Houston and surrounding areas. It is hard to find people as honest, knowledgeable and hard working as you. Thanks again!

Jamie Ross, Lead guitarist “Flashpoint"

Finally had a chance to run my amp through its paces so I can give you an update. Wow, what a huge difference. Best sounding amp I have ever owned. Changing the output transformer was worth every penny. Thanks again for the suggestion.

Dan Bailey

I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you again for the great work you did on my Super Reverb and with converting my Deluxe Reverb amp head into a "Vibroverb Clone".  

Now, I'm not sure how close it really comes to a blackface Vibroverb, but I am just THRILLED with the way it turned out.  It doesn't sound like my Super Reverb but I do love the way it sounds...brings something different (from what I'm used to) to the table...and most importantly it DOES NOT sound like a '65 Deluxe Reverb Reissue anymore! ...and there's certainly plenty of power on tap @ 40 Watts if I ever need it.

Aaron Harris

When I started having some serious problems with my Fender Deluxe Reverb Reissue, I found this site called tube-works.net. I sent my amp to Mr. Shipp and it came back better than it was from the factory. Mr. Shipp was able to modify the amp to blackface specs as well as other things that made the amp more useful for a gigging musician. Most importantly, he had the patience and took the time to explain the technical aspects of tone and amplifiers so I could understand it.

-Albert Kitowski,
Bands: Damn Strait, Steven Marshall Band, Four Loko, Omni Blue Jazz Band

Wow!!  This amp sounds really good.  It has taken on a very dark tone which helps balance some of the twangyness it had, and turned up to ten it roared  like it was on a roid rage!  Very pleased, thank you.

Trevor Wheeler - Rise from Slumber

Thanks again.  You do very good work.  Both amps sound great with guitar straight in - no effects.  Nice job.  I appreciate it. Both amps are bad-ass.  I will bring all work to you from now on.

Gary McSweeney