Capacitor Upgrades

Capacitors play a big part in the sound and operation of an amp. Power supply electrolytic capacitors are prone to failure as they age. This typically happens in the range of 10 to 30 years. An amp that is stored for a long period of time or seldom played is much more susceptible to electrolytic capacitor failure. Power supply electrolytics that are starting to fail can cause an am to sound muddy and lack punch. They can also cause hum. Capacitors in the audio path can also fail or drift from their original value over time and affect the tonality of your amp. These caps can be responsible for making your amp sound muddy or tinny, lack bass, lack dynamic range, lose volume, lose sustain or have early or undesirable distortion. Coupling capacitors that pass the signal from one stage to the next can fail and pass dangerous high voltage DC than can cause tubes to overheat and fail and can cause expensive component failure.

Tube Works can replace failed or problem capacitors with new better sounding and better designed ones. We can also fine-tune the tone of your amp by upgrading critical audio path capacitors with better sounding capacitors and shape the tone by changing the value of particular capacitors.